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Hello! Thank you for reading our first post, I am happy to be sharing this with you. What am I sharing you ask. I am sharing some news! We will be creating a blog! Now, I know how excited you are... but if I should have you attention I would like to discuss what the blog will have.

Our new blog will have cannabis testimonials on various CBD products. We will discuss what has worked, what hasn't worked, and what routine has been most beneficial. We will be talking with current Mom & Crops members that have been using CBD for 6 plus months, some have even been using it for years! Talking CBD is sometimes for the birds and if you're a bee there will be quick reads to let you know some of the benefits CBD has in your every day life. Now, lets get into the goods of it all. There will be myth vs. truth regarding THC edibles, vape carts, topicals and more!

Ever want to know what to do with your cartridges after you're done with them? Find out soon on Mom's Blog! Just kidding, I will tell you right now. Do not trash them! In large quantities, companies will disassemble them, reduce, reuse and recycle all those empty vape carts. However, vape carts are not recyclable as a whole piece. Mom's recommendation is to put down the vape and eat an edible!

Let's get back on track. Our blog is going to be filled with fun and easy how to's on making your cannabis experience even better. To ditching the lighter and making sure your bong is clean; all the way over to making your own canna-butter at home. There is so much to do around our pretty little-big city and we want to share some of our favorite places! Don't worry. If you want to stay home, check out our Top ten's for Netflix, Amazon Video, and Hulu. Our team had quite the movie palette and is here to share our favorites with you. We hope to provide you with some great reads and a couple of laughs. Watch out for Mom's Blog's dropping soon to a computer or phone near you! Xoxo -Mom


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