What is RSO?

Updated: Feb 23

RSO stands for Rick Simpson Oil. Rick Simpson is a real person who had skin cancer and made this oil in his backyard. He applied the oil to his skin and in two weeks the skin cancer was not visible. There is more about his story at http://phoenixtears.ca/faq-about-rso/ if you would like to read up on how he makes this oil there is a fully detailed . There are different ways to produce a Full Spectrum Oil, however doing it with Rick Simpson's method has produced great outcomes and has many testimonials.

RSO has a very amazing medicinal benefit because it is a full spectrum extract.

What is Full Spectrum?

Full spectrum is when the oil contains more of the cannabinoids that are in the cannabis flower. In this RSO syringe there will be THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, CNG, and more! There are 113 cannabinoids that have been found in various cannabis strains. Having a wider variety of cannabinoids, a full spectrum oil, will provide you with more medicinal effects.

How do I take this? This oil is can be used topically or as an edible. Depending on what you are treating application will differ. When needing to eat this oil, my top recommendation is to fill an empty capsule with your dose of RSO and take it like a vitamin pill. Typically RSO comes in plastic syringe. You will have to squeeze it out. The consistency of this oil is very thick. If you are using it very sparingly, I would keep it in the fridge (1 year expiration date when kept cold. ) If you are using this oil frequently, it is ok to keep it room temperature until you use it all ( 6 month expiration when room temperature. ) Either way this oil is a little tricky to push out of the syringe. To avoid over spilling, go slow. Whether it is room temperature, it could come out to quick; or straight out of the fridge, you may push too hard and too much comes out. Take it slow and with ease. Pre capsuling this oil is currently not available, but it will be in the future.

-- This Size Dose is between 10-20mg of cannabinoids (mostly THC and/or CBD).

The amount of cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBG, CBN) will vary. It is depend on what strain is used to make the oil. To yield the most THC, manufacturers will typically use an indica cannabis strain. These strains are sedative and have cerebral effects. To yield more CBD the flower being used will typically be a hemp strain and contain less than 0.3% THC. CBD effects are not very noticeable, there is no euphoria. CBD is a helpful cannabinoid when someone needs relief without feeling under the influence of a substance.

For serious illnesses it is recommended to take three times a day, every day with your meals. Every 4 days, increase the dosage by 2. Please refer to https://phoenixtears.ca/dosage-information/ for more information.

Please use this RSO after you eat something. Cannabinoids need a fatty lipid to attach itself to, to be carried through the body.


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