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Our Story


Mom and Crops is a San Diego collective set up in accordance with the original intent and spirit of California Proposition 215's and Senate Bill 420's purpose. Our non-profit collective's mission is to provide our patient members with a safe, consistent and reliable source of quality medical marijuana at affordable costs. This is accomplished by cooperatively acting together towards the production, cultivation, transportation, storage and distribution of medical marijuana, and in rendering and purchasing services of all kinds for the benefit of the collective's patient members.  It is the goal of Mom and Crops to provide a safe environment for our members to enjoy our services and contribute to the health and prosperity of the people and community we are a part of.


Our Vision

Mom and Crops envisions a future where families and responsible adults can feel free to get access to information regarding medical marijuana without the stigma that has been associated with the industry. There are many people who want access to clean and quality medication that improve their well-being and lifestyle but feel restricted or ashamed to get that information. We will continue to provide this information and provide the right environments for the sustainability of this industry for the people who rely on our services and the people who have yet had the ability to assess whether or not medical marijuana is right for them. Our commitment to community and the people of our communities will always be what guides us to provide a better experience always.


Mom and Crops delivery service provides access to clean and quality medication to verified and legal medical marijuana recipients. We work hard to ensure all of our products are safe, clean and of the quality our members expect. Flowers, concentrates, edibles and non-medicated products have been hand selected and are always handled, stored and processed in environments that protect the quality and longevity of your meds. Our staff uses hypoallergenic and sterile gloves while handling products and all products are stored in and maintained in ideal environment settings for each category of product. We also offer some seasonal and special items throughout the year and at industry-related shows. We take customer feedback serious and work to remove unnecessary barriers to legal access. Thank you for joining us on this journey and look forward to being your No. 1 delivery service provider!

Our vision
Our Services
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