Do I have to know what I want before you deliver?

Yes, we are a pre ordering delivery service. We pack up the products you would like and delivery them right to you. Delivery is within the hour or you can schedule a time! 

Do I need to sign up to place an order?

You do have to verify your ID to place an order. When you place an online order as a guest you will need to fill out all of the needed delivery info; address, phone #, email, and any note you would like our team members to be aware of. 

What is the minimum?

There is a minimum for delivery. If you do not meet the minimum for your area, check out will not process. 

Chula Vista / Imperial Beach / San Ysidro / Bonita / East Lake [ $30 ] * $5 delivery fee with any order under $50*

Downtown / Hillcrest / Normal Heights / Coronado area is [ $50 ]

Collage Area / La Mesa / Clairemont / Kearny Mesa / PB / OB / Mission Valley [ $70 ]

**Any location above Interstate 52 has a minimum of $150**

Yes, we accept debit/credit. Our team member will confirm you are the card holder upon arrival and complete your transaction right there with you. Electronic signature will be required.

Can I pay with card?

Do you have any First Time Patient Gifts specials/deals?

Currently we do not offer free first time cannabis gifts or discounts, however we can add in a pipe or grinder if needed! 

There is a Daily Deals menu tab where you can find our current specials and deals! They do change and are updated when available.

Does CBD make you feel "high"?

THERE IS NOT PSYCHOACTIVE EFFECTS WHEN USING AN ALL CBD PRODUCT. Especially Hemp based CBD products. There are Sativa Cannabis plants that are very high in CBD and low in THC, these strains are opinionated to be more beneficial on a medical stance than the Hemp CBD. Having the option to see which one works better for you is always ideal.  The effect of Cannabidiol (CBD) are neutral and balancing. There are many benefits in taking CBD that can be discussed with a consultant. There may be products that have a 1:1 of CBD to THC, these products will produce a euphoric and even psychoactive experience. Some products may be 5:1, these low amounts of THC can potentially give someone with a low tolerance a "high" feeling. Please feel free to ask our team members for more info regarding what might work best for you. 

When using lotions, balms, or body butters am I going to experience a "high"?

Lotions that are all THC may give you a sedative effect if used in large amounts. When using in small amounts it will not give you any euphoric or sedative effect. Using a CBD lotion in any amount will not give you any sedative or euphoric effects. There are lotions that have both CBD and THC in them. The same rule with THC applies, if you are using in large quantities of a THC and CBD topical it may cause a sedative effect. Large quantities is scaled as all over your back or an entire leg.

Can I give my animal cannabis?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is recommended for animals. Oils that are topical or edible and infused with CBD only are highly recommended over THC oils and edibles. 

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