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Vaping vs. Smoking

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

The great taste and high potency of vape carts are two major factors for the popularity of vape products. Typically vape carts contain levels between 70-86%THC; compared to dried cannabis flower which is anywhere between 15-30% THC. In most cases you will find

a long time consumer using these high potency concentrate products as their

prime source of cannabis.

510 Thread Vape THC

However, there has been much conversation on using a vape carts instead of burning the cannabis flower. This high potency fad has lead new consumers down the THC vape path. Does vaping THC oil really decrease the amount of carcinogens that enter your lungs? Yes. But it is still the healthier way to consume cannabis? No. Any form of smoke entering your lungs is going to cause stress to your lungs. The plant itself does not have any chemicals that cause harm to your body, however there is said to be at least 450 chemicals when you are using a lighter flame to combust your cannabis flower into a smoke. Ditch the lighter, use hemp wick!

When you are looking for a nice bud, a couple key things to have in mind is Stem Structure. When you creak the stem, does it crack? Good, that means it's dry enough. When you smoke the cannabis, is the ash light grey? Good, that means the plant doesn't have any remaining nutrients to eat. Plant Nutrients are bad for you to consume and make the taste and feel more harsh.
This plant is almost ready to be cut down and dried!

The amount of chemicals will vary in all plants. There are pest controls and soil enhancers (organic or not) that could be used in growing cannabis. The same pest controls that are used for produce. It is important to be familiar with who you are receiving your cannabis from. Making sure your are consuming cannabis from a reliable farmer is key. Consistency is key, veteran farmers will typically grow the same quality flowers every time. The quality of flower is important whether you are smoking the dried cannabis or using the flower to make oils. The cannabis flower is the base to all oil products. Whether you're looking for edibles, tinctures, lotions, or vape carts; they all have been infused with cannabis flower. The starting material is the most important part. Inhaling smoke of any kind is carcinogenic, thus placing the combustible use of cannabis under a lock and key to health scientists. You may be thinking to yourself... yeah, but any smoke is better than cigarette smoke. The chemicals in cigarettes are extremely carcinogenic, causing cigarette users to experience respiratory problems at early ages. What happens when we take out the chemicals? Would we start seeing ads on youtube shows that display chemical free tobacco cigarettes? From what has been recorded and republished; smoking tobacco has been a habit of people since the 1550’s. Tobacco ads were banned by Nixon in 1970. That is 200 and some years where people may have been smoking tobacco as if their life did however, not depend on the stoppage of their smoking habit.

Is it the chemicals in which your are cumbusting that causes the issue, or is it the combustion itself? Relatable science to this subject may incline you to believe that smoking vape oils contain less harmful chemicals and create a healthier way to smoke cannabis derived THC. I does depends on the base product, the flower. Whether you are smoking dried flower or a concentrate from flower, the quality of material is going to matter. Let’s say you consume regular dried cannabis flower via combustion and you feel great, but then you smoke a concentrate and get a headache; or vice versa. Without testing information it is hard to tell if the concentrate your are receiving is clean and made with quality product. Let's say the flower being used is perfect and amazing. The THC oil comes out great! Some companies will now add thickening agents to stretch out their supply of THC oil. This is typically why getting dried flower is more popular, you can see and smell and get a better grip on the product being good or bad. Feeling confident and comfortable in consuming cannabis should be everyone's top priority. That requires companies to be transparent and honest with their work. Until testing information for heavy metals, pesticides, mold, and thickening agents is mandatory and every product can be regulated; Moms opinion is; the best and most healthy way to consume cannabis is to eat it!



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