How To Take A Dab

Updated: Feb 23

Let us start with what a dab is. A small amount of cannabis oil on the tip of a dab tool.

Now, what do you need to dab?

1: A glass piece, typically called a “banger dish” that you place on your bong and heat it up with a torch. Here is what some will look like. It is important to get the correct size to fit your water bong.

2: A Torch to make your banger dish hot enough to melt the oil down, most dabs are usually taken around 450 to 600 degrees fahrenheit. If you do not have a thermometer temperature gun, a good rule of thumb to follow is heat for 1 full minute and let cool for 30 seconds.

3: A glass water pipe to use your banger dish on.

4: A dab tool..what is a dab tool? Since the cannabis concentrate you will be smoking has a very sticky and thick consistency to it, handling it with your hands will not be good and be very messy. Use a metal stick to pick your oil and lay it down. Dab tools come in many shapes, sizes and styles. No matter what one you get, you will be happy it is a part of your technique. Along with your dab tool, using a carb cap will also be helpful. A carb cap, will cap the top of your dish and help you contain the vapor inside the banger dish. These items can come together or separate, choose what you like best!

Once you complete this list of items, you are ready to dab! There are many youtube videos that you can watch if you need further assistance! You can always give our office a call or text and we can walk you through it.

Dabbing is a very potent experience, it could be 4 times stronger than regular dried cannabis flower you would be using. Typical level of THC in a concentrate are between 70-90% THC in any concentrate and are 15-30% THC in dried cannabis. While it will give you a more euphoric experience, it can also taste even better and last a little longer. Many concentrate consumers continually use cannabis concentrates because their tolerance has heightened and this is the product that works best for them, can always smoke more but you can not smoke less! Have a great experience and enjoy your dabbing!


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