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Sativa, Indica, Hybrid

Right now there are three main categories of cannabis. Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. To keep it simple; Indica strains are for night time, they will help you feel tired. Sativa strains can have a more energetic or uplifting feeling and Hybrid strains are a combination of both. There are many strains of cannabis and sources like Leafly that work very diligently to find the proper lineage of strains and provide a nice discription of what you may experience when using that strain. However, without proper analysis of terpene profiles and cannabinoids levels, you will kind of be going off of what other people say they have felt. Let's get into each category, a little but more detailed now.

*Most people will have the same experience with cannabis strains but there are those who are kind of opposite. Sativa strains can calm them down and indicas can make them feel a little too anxious.*

Indica strains are typically going to yield high potency flowers. The potency of THC can effect how lethargic or cerebral you feel. With a high concentration of THC and the right terpenes, you can expect a pretty long and peaceful slumber. The most common night time terpenes would be Myrcene or Linalool. Both of which are found in strains like Skywalker OG and LA Confidential. The indica experience is great for relaxing and entering a more calming state. Many people will use these strains to aid in sleepless nights and bodily aches and pains.

Sativa strains are usually consumed throughout the day, without feeling too lethargic. A helpful boost in creative energy and the euphoric experience of cannabis can really help keep you comfortable and focused. Uplifitng terpenes to look for in sativa strains are Limonene and Caryophyllene, both are found in Super Silver Haze and Green Crack.

Hybrid strains are amazing flowers that have everything you need, all at once! At times, hybrids are going to be pretty sedative and the more you consume the chances of you feeling sleepy will increase. Many strains that are on the market are going to be hybrids. Crossing this with that and that with this, for decades, is going to cause some abundance issues. Never the less, hybrid strains are high in THC potency and provide you with a larger varitey of terpenes.

If your tolerance is high and you are needing something for day time, a hybrid strain that has a sativa ancestory may be perfect! For example; a sativa hybrid would be Super Silver Haze; this strian is crossed with Northern Lights (I), Skunk (S), and Haze (S). All of these together create a hybrid strain, however with a dominant sativa lineage this strain will yeild an energetic and mood enhancing experience. This could also be said for indica strains as well. Sometimes you need something cerebral, but you do not want to just fall asleep right away; this is when you would want a hybrid strain with indica ancestory in it. You can get a strain like Duct Tape; crossed between Gorilla Glue (H) and Do Si Dos (I).


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